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Benefit of TxtReaderXpress
Memory Booster
Prepare the text that you have to learn in RTF text editor. Then, read it several times while simultaneously listening to it using TxtReaderXpress. The text can also be saved as an audio file and copied onto a portable mp3 player, mobile phone, enabling you to listen to it whenever and wherever you want.
Learning 2nd Languages
TxtReaderXpress is an excellent aid to learning English as a foreign language. And when you're uncertain how to pronounce a word, just listen to it using TxtReaderXpress. Integrated few foreign language word list, google dictionary and google translate.
Children Read and Write Playground
TxtReaderXpress can reads every letter or sign aloud as it's written, your child will know at once if they've spelt a word correctly. When you child writing ( typing ) any word or letter, TxtReaderXpress can read it loud and clear. and easily improve their writing abilities
Self Audience
TxtReaderXpress can reads your document ( rtf, xps, word, text )for you. You will be able to put yourself in the place of the audience to your own presentation. In this way you will more easily notice any mistakes or inconsistencies.
Internet Voiceout
TxtReaderXpress can listen to the content on any webpage ( news, a blog or forum entries )with the buildin web browser. With the click of a button you can start the reader or save the text as an audio file. mp3, mp4
A Talking Text Editor
Text reading directly from TxtReaderXpress is excellent while proofreading texts. TxtReaderXpress speaking each letter and/or word as it is typed.
Favourite Audio Books Always Near You
You can listen to your favourite books even on a portable mp3 player, mobile phone. All you have to do is save the text as an audio file. The range of formats available means that audiobooks created using TxtReaderXpress can be played back on every available mp3 player , mobile phone on the market.
Your Writer
TxtReaderXpress can helps you to write a vast amount of text by converting your speech into written matter. It is as simple as telling the words to somebody who writes it for you, but here the writer is your computer and with the aid of speech recognition feature it writes the huge text dictated by you or from an audio recorder wave audio file.
Bedtime stories
You simply enjoy listening to a warm voice reading you stories before going to bed at night
Synchronized highlighting
TxtReaderXpress can highlights individual words or sections of text as it reads.
Autocomplete is a semi-automated typing aid
TxtReaderXpress will display a "word list" base on the letters you are typing and you can use it to cue you on the correct spelling
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