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Convert PDF document to XPS document
Take Note :
1. Recommend to use Adobe Reader X for pdf to xps convertion
2. Garbled text is cause by the pdf obfuscated font. But some PDF document after convert to XPS document may have some error. or you can try online document converter service.
3. About Microsoft XPS document writer
4. if you open pdf file in TxtReaderXpress, trx execute the adobe reader print process.
step 1
open pdf document using Adobe Reader X
step 2
step 3
result open the xps document in TxtReaderXpress XPS reader
Below is some optional tips :
  Few setting you have to change in Adobe Reader before you can convert PDF to XPS document. This make sure the XPS document text is readable in TxtReaderXpress.
Start Adobe Reader, click on "Preferences"
  Under Categories, click on "International", Select "GB18030 compatible font" in Select Font dropdown list. Click OK and exit Adobe Reader.
  Open "Devices and printers", right click on the "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" and click on printer properties. Select "advanced" and click on "Printing Defaults".
Click on "Advanced" and select A4 paper size then click OK.
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