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        TxtReaderXpress Software  
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TxtReaderXpress Introduction
Requirement and guides:
  1. text to speech engine, 32bit or 64bit, if use 32bit tts engine, please use TxtReaderXpress ( 32 bit )
  2. screen resolution have to 1024 x 768 or higher, lower screen resolution might cause some area blocked
  3. the screenshots at here might have some different depend on the released version
  4. always updated to the latest release
  5. always refer to the website for latest update
TxtReaderXpress :
  1. TxtReaderXpress have rich feature, in richtext editor support you typing in any text and read it for you. To learn English, you can browse any english website, like yahoo news. then you just need repeat typing the text in richtext. listen and learn. richtext editor is sync with quick word dictionary. richtext editor also support read text from any position between the document.
  2. TxtReaderXpress also have an area showing the reading text by the tts engine.
  3. You also can use quick word dictionary to learn a language. select the dictionary you want. right click on the word list and click on read selected text to read text to voice, listen and learn. To understand the text mean, select the translation under the translate tabpage, example like english to french. select any word and click on search button, search engine will get the result from google service. this require internet connection. At the bottom you can select tts engine to read result to voice, click on speaker icon. You also can use dictionary studio to build an offline dictionary using google dictionary service.
  4. xps document, docx document and internet webpage. support auto read highlighted text. what you need to do is select the tts engine you want and highlight any text inside the document.
  5. xps reader also have a nice feature, if you click on "read" button on the first page of the document, all text from the document is read to voice. if you click on "read" button on the selected page, only the text from the page is read out to voice.
  6. docx reader support render text and picture at the moment.
  7. eBook Tabpage have a rich feature allow you to keep your bookmarks for your favorite document, like xps document, docx document, richtext document, text document, website url.
  8. using the build-in web browser, you can surf almost all website. Just type in the url in the address bar. Address bar only editable with internal web browser.
  9. all internal feature support convert text to audio files, wave, mp3, mp4
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