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TxtReaderXpress - Text To Speech Rich Text Editor
The text to speech Rich Text Document is a lightweight text editor with text to speech capabilities. You can use the text to speech Rich Text editor to read documents aloud using most natural sounding text to speech voices. You can also sue the export feature to export text to Wave / MP3 /MP4 files for later playback on your audio player.

Simply typing any text in the TTS Rich Text Document, by pressing "space bar" it can quickly speaks out the text which you typed with your keyboard.
Features include:
  • Speech Toolbar - Read, stop reading, pause, resume
  • Read aloud RichText and Text files
  • Highlight each word as it is read
  • Text to speech voice selector
  • Voice speech rate
  • Typing Echo, text is read as it is typed. Word, letter, sentences, paragraph.
  • Export text to audio files. Wave Audio files to text
  • Start read from mouse pointer
  • Bookmark
  • Autocomplete is a semi-automated typing aid.
  • Support Rich text format document, text document, word document
Learn > Quickstart >
step 1
start TxtReaderXpress
step 2
user can hear any section of their writing by using the speech tool in the toolbar.
step 3
In TRX Rich Text Editor, each sentence is automatically read as it is completed. This encourages user to punctuate their work, and helps user to take responsibility for their writing, and make corrections as they write. Each word or letter can be read as it is entered, giving user instant feedback.
step 4
Words are clearly highlighted as they are spoken
step 5
word predicts as user type, suggesting words that fit the context of user writing.
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