Hi, I am Lau Han Ching

I am an individual software developer who loves IT techinical supports and software developement and has several years experience.
Here's all the stuff i do

Remote Desktop

I will diagnose and fix your computer problem via remote desktop.

Software Development

If you have following .Net software to develop, Windows ( Desktop / Windows Store / UWP ) and WebPage, you can contact me.

My Apps

I would like to introduce you a list of useful Windows software ( Desktop / Windows Phone / UWP ) developed by me.

Contact me



zinksoft.net @lauhanching Group

Remote Desktop

Windows PC Desktop, Notebook facing an issue?

Windows PC Desktop, Laptop facing an issue? I will solve your problem with remote desktop in few minute, some of the common issues which occur frequently and you might be facing some of them can be solve by remote desktop. Familiar with Windows Operating System and System Optimization, i have several years experience on doorstep computer services.

Due to different situation, time zone differences (UTC+08:00), maybe no network coverage, outstation, I recommend you to WhatsApp me before placing an order. I usually respond ASAP.

Contact me please before order, let me know what is your computer issues, fix via Remote Desktop Software .

Place an Order Here

I will do this with Remote Desktop Control Software, AeroAdmin, or direct download AeroAdmin here and LiveChat using WhatsApp or Facebook .

How It Work

Before you placing an order, you can first WhatsApp me and let me know what is your computer issues and any computer related problem, if i can fix your computer problem then you can placing an order for one session computer diagnose and fix via Remote Desktop Software.

When the payment transaction completed, please WhatsApp me, after verification process. I will using Remote Desktop Control Software, AeroAdmin. Remotely control your computer and fixing the problem.

What is AeroAdmin

AeroAdmin looks a lot like the TeamViewer program. Just download and open the portable program and WhatsApp the given ID to me. This is how my computer will know how to connect to your computer. You have to confirms the connection, so i can start controlling the computer. AeroAdmin is absolutely free for both personal and commercial use.

For TeamViewer program, below here, almost the same like AeroAdmin program. You can download and open the portable program, and WhatsApp the given ID and password to me, you also have to confirms the connection, so i can controlling the computer.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns


Windows Store UWP Apps, developed by Lau Han Ching.
Privacy Policy
  • TxtReaderXpress DMS Donationware

    TxtReaderXpress DMS is a document management system (DMS) used to track and store digital documents, Ms Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
    Free Download, @ Softpedia

    Free thank for


  • TxtReaderXpress DMS Donationware

    TxtReaderXpress uses the functions supplied by Microsoft Speech Platform, Desktop Speech SAPIs to convert plain text, eBook to audio.
    Free Download, @ Softpedia

    Free thank for


  • Assistant Phone


    Assistant Phone, this application notifies you with sound about battery remaining charge percent. You will never forget to charge your phone for a long period.

    Free * 40
  • GPS Distance Calculate Pro


    A traveler must have. know where you're going with GPS Distance Calculate, a travel guidelines.

    $ 1.29 40
  • Duty Calls


    Duty Calls can keep your reminded task you repeating often and to keep track of

    $ 5.49 40
  • Postman Assistant


    Postman Assistant tell you street address from current position under the lockscreen

    $ 0.00 * 40
  • Cost To Travel


    Cost To Travel calculate the fare using gps tracking, tell street address under the lockscreen

    $ 0.00 * 40
  • Reading Assistant

    asistive technology

    to help with reading issues. spoken sound, OCR Text, play under lockscreen.

    $ 0.00 * 40
  • OnDesktopOverlay

    stop eyes strainy

    add a colored layer of transparent overlay on the screen to stop eyes strain.

    $ 0.00 * Learn more 40

Windows Mobile 8.1 and Windows Store UWP Apps, developed by Lau Han Ching, More Apps @ Windows Store

Link Exchange


Learn more ...
Smsiland is a social networking site where people from the different geographic location is connected with their friends and family members and can ...

Windows Desktop Software. TxtReaderXpress Since 2004

TxtReaderXpress is designed for learning

( Text Reader Express )


TxtReaderXpress, is a document management system (DMS) used to track and store digital documents with human-like voice notifies, assistive technology with the Text-To-Speech technology. Many people would prefer to listen to a book rather than read it, either just because they don't want to tire their eyes, or because they might have a visual disability that makes them unable to read.TxtReaderXpress gives you the comfort of listening to a text being read, rather that actually reading it, which can sometimes be harmful for those who spend a lot of time with their eyes on a monitor. Supported ebook format, ePub, Pdf, Web document, RichText, XPS document and Office Document.

TxtReaderXpress uses the functions supplied by Microsoft Speech Platform and other Desktop Speech SAPIs to convert plain text to audio. This tool might come in handy to to teachers and students, helping them to create audio lessons, or to those with visual or vocal disabilities.

In order to run properly and without malfunctions, the application requires Microsoft Speech Platform or any Microsoft Desktop SAPI, Text To Speech Engine installed, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.

TxtReaderXpress offers its users a flexible text editor, that you can use to give your text a little personal touch. You can add the current time and date anywhere in the text block or change word fonts and colors. Depending on the text-to-speech platform installed, you can adjust the volume and the play speed of the output audio, and export to audio files.

TxtReaderXpress features a built-in browser, that you can safely use to surf the Internet and find certain keywords or text blocks that you might want to listen to.

The browser contains the basic buttons needed, such as Home, Go, Next, Previous, Reload, Stop and Bookmark.

Depending on the text-to-speech platform installed, you can adjust the volume and the play speed of the output audio.

The application provides you with a built-in hash calculator to help you compute the hash code of various files and compare their values.This tool utilizes several hashing algorithms, such as MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512, which are considered to be some of the most secure hashing methods.

Document management system (DMS) used to track and store digital documents. Capable of keeping track of different versions modified and store documents in their native file format by project baseline. Integrated Microsoft Office 2016 as native editing suite, make changes, and auto save the changed document back to the sqlite database as a new version, just exit the Microsoft Office 2016 apps. Capable of import, export, preview stored documents is simple. Nevertheless, TxtReaderXpress DMS also capable uses the functions supplied by Microsoft Text To Speech to convert plain text to audio, create audio lessons. Also offers an engaging way to view and manage eBooks and also a build-in library to create a short collection of your favorite books.

System Requirements .Net Framework 4.7, Text To Speech Engine, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Speech Platform 11 runtime and Speech Language, Administrator privileges

Optional Requirements Document management system ( required Microsoft Office 2013 or higher ), OpenOffice ( required .Net Framework 3.5 ), Adobe Reader 11

TxtReaderXpress is a donationware.


Buy a Copy

if you support me thank you, please click here to buy a copy.


Link to donate
Contribute ( Link to donate ), Please click here.


short video
Watch the short tutorial here

Free Download

Desktop Version
@ Softpedia


work through and help
please click here

Text to Speech

Convert any written text to voices.

Text to Speech

Convert any written text to voices.

Type To Speech

Just type your text, read text aloud naturally


Both desktop Speech API and Microsoft Server Speech API


Free voices can download from internet or system built in

Easy To

read selected text to voices


Read regular Epub, PDF, XPS, OXPS ebook to voices


Read regular RichText, Text, Office document to voice


A lite WebBrowser, read text contents to voices


A regular text editor edit compose text document and read text aloud


A easy to use eBook management system

File Hash Value

A Hash-based verification tool ensures that a file has not been corrupted

Typing Exercise

A learn and practice produce and perceive vocal sounds


user friendly interface for study and book lover

Audio Books

Converts any text to regular audio formats, MP3 MP4 OGG

Auto Reading

Automatically moves to the next one when it reaches the end of the page, ePub PDF XPS

Highlighted text

Read highlighted text aloud, Web XPS Text


Built in apps, lite webbrowser, Typing Exercise, RichText Editor, etc


Suitable for use on portable media

Voice Settings

Can customize each voice rate and volume

Morse code

Translate user input to voices.

PIN Notices

ideal sticky notes

PIN Documents

ideal sticky multiple document reference

Online Dictionary

assist on learning


Document management system, used to track and store Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Operating System

Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.x, Windows 10.x, .Net 3.5 and .Net 4.x

Win 10 Nice Voice

Microsoft Eva Mobile - English
Please visit Here, follow the guide to unlock it.

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